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LOINC 39135-9 (Wound assessment panel)

This logical model was published on Tue Aug 21 00:00:00 EDT 2018 as a draft by HL7 Patient Care and Clinical Information Modeling Initiative Work Groups.

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NameFlagsCard.TypeDescription & Constraintsdoco
.. fsw-WoundAssessment-model 0..*
... value[x] 1..1Coding, QuantityModelCode or Quantity representing lOINC 39135-9 (Wound assessment panel)
... comment 0..1stringDescription
... topicCode 1..1CodingThe concept representing the finding or action that is the topic of the statement.
... category 0..1CodingDescription
... dataAbsentReason 0..1CodingDescription
... dateTime 0..1dateTimeDescription
... dateTimeIssued 0..1dateTimeDescription
... description 0..1NarrativeModelDescription
... evaluationComponent 0..1A simplified, non-separable evaluation consisting of a finding code (represented by the Concept), value (or exception value), reference range, and interpretation. The subject of the evaluation component is the same as in the parent evaluation.
.... isExudatePresent 0..1IsExudatePresentModelPresence or absence of wound drainage. - LOINC 89259-6 (Presence of wound exudate) In Loinc this is a code with Yes, No values
.... isTunnelingPresent 0..1IsTunnelingPresentModelTunneling of a wound refers to a narrow opening or pathway underneath the skin that may extend in any direction, resulting in dead space with potential for abscess formation. - LOINC 72298-3 (Tunneling of Wound) In Loinc this is a code with Yes, No values
.... isUnderminingPresent 0..1IsUnderminingPresentModelUndermining of a wound refers to tissue destruction that extends under the intact wound edge. The wound is larger at its base (wound bed) than at the skin surface. With pressure ulcers, undermining may be caused by a bacterial infection or associated with osteomyelitis. - LOINC 72295-9 (Undermining of Wound) In Loinc this is a code with Yes, No values
.... periwoundDescription 0..1PeriwoundDescriptionModelA description of the skin around the wound (periwound). Color, induration, warmth and edema should be assessed. Redness of the surrounding skin can be indicative of unrelieved pressure. Irritation of the surrounding skin can result from exposure to feces or urine, a reaction to the dressing or tape, or inappropriate removal of dressing or tape. Redness, tenderness, warmth and swelling are classical clinical signs of infection. [Reference: Brown, P., 2009] - LOINC 72301-5 (Description of Periwound)
.... pressureUlcerStage 0..1PressureUlcerStageModelThe National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel redefined the definition of a pressure ulcer and the stages of pressure ulcers in 2007, including the original 4 stages (Non-blanchable erythema - Stage I, partial thickness – Stage II, full thickness skin loss – Stage III, and full thickness tissue loss – Stage IV) and adding 2 stages on deep tissue injury and unstageable pressure ulcers. As defined by the NPUAP, a pressure ulcer is localized injury to the skin and/or underlying tissue usually over a bony prominence, as a result of pressure, or pressure in combination with shear. - LOINC 72527-5 (Pressure ulcer stage NPUAP)
.... visibleStructure 0..*VisibleStructureModelExposed body structures, devices, and/or foreign bodies visible by the naked eye in a wound. - LOINC 89250-5 (Device or anatomic structure visible in wound)
.... woundHealingAssessment 0..1WoundHealingAssessmentModel- LOINC 80338-7 (Wound assessment [Interpretation])
.... woundTrend 0..1WoundTrendModelWhether a condition is improving, worsening, stable, or resolved. - LOINC 89253-9 (Trend)
... interpretation 0..1CodingDescription
... method 0..1CodingDescription
... resultStatus 1..1CodingDescription
Binding: ObservationStatus (required)
... panelMembers 0..1BackboneElementPanelMembers represent the elements of a group of a related but independent evaluations.
.... observationStatement 0..1A base class for representing observed facts, including provenance
..... woundAssertion 0..1Reference(SW WoundAssertion Logical Model)Assertion of the existence of a wound on a patient
..... woundBed 0..1Reference(SW WoundBed Logical Model)- LOINC 72372-6 (Wound bed and edge panel)
..... woundEdge 0..1Reference(SW WoundEdge Logical Model)- LOINC 89256-2 (Wound edge panel)
..... woundExudate 0..1Reference(SW WoundExudate Logical Model)- LOINC 72292-6 (Wound exudate panel)
..... woundSize 0..1Reference(SW WoundSize Logical Model)- LOINC 72287-6 (Wound size panel)
..... woundTunneling 0..*Reference(SW WoundTunneling Logical Model)LOINC 89257-0 (Wound tunneling panel)
..... woundUndermining 0..*Reference(SW WoundUndermining Logical Model)LOINC 89258-8 (Wound undermining panel)

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