HL7® Clinical Information Model Initiative

Class Locatable

Most classes in the CIMI reference model inherit from the Locatable class, which defines the idea of 'locatability in an archetyped structure'. Locatable defines a runtime name and an archetype_node_id. The archetype_node_id is the standardised semantic code for a node and comes from the corresponding node in the archetype used to create the data. The only exception is at archetype root points in data, where archetype_node_id carries the archetype identifier in string form rather than an interior node id from an archetype. Locatable also provides the attribute archetype_details, which is non-Void for archetype root points in data, and carries meta-data relevant to root points. The name attribute carries a name created at runtime. The 'meaning' of any node is derived formally from the archetype by obtaining the text value for the archetype_node_id code from the archetype ontology section, in the language required.