HL7 FHIR Profile: Skin and Wound Assessment, Release 1 (For Comment)

Primary profiles defined as part of this Implementation Guide

Name Based On Definition
ObservationStatement Observation

A base class for representing observed facts, including provenance

WoundAssertion Observation

Assertion of the existence of a wound on a patient

WoundAssessment Observation

LOINC 39135-9 (Wound assessment panel)

WoundBed Observation
  • LOINC 72372-6 (Wound bed and edge panel)
WoundEdge Observation
  • LOINC 89256-2 (Wound edge panel)
WoundExudate Observation
  • LOINC 72292-6 (Wound exudate panel)
WoundSiteIdentification Observation

LOINC 72369-2 (Body site identification panel)

WoundSize Observation
  • LOINC 72287-6 (Wound size panel)
WoundTunneling Observation

LOINC 89257-0 (Wound tunneling panel)

WoundUndermining Observation

LOINC 89258-8 (Wound undermining panel)