MITRE's 'Mini-CIMI' FHIR Profile: Skin and Wound Assessment, Release 1 (For Comment)



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This logical model was published on Fri Aug 17 00:00:00 EDT 2018 as a draft by HL7 Patient Care and Clinical Information Modeling Initiative Work Groups.

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NameFlagsCard.TypeDescription & Constraintsdoco
.. shr-entity-BodyStructurePresentOrAbsent-model 0..*BodyStructurePresentOrAbsent
... findingStatus 1..1codeIndicates whether the finding is preliminary, amended, final, etc.
Binding: ObservationStatus (required)
... relevantTime 0..1dateTime, TimePeriodModelThe time or time period that the statement addresses.
... findingMethod 0..1CodingThe method used to determine the finding.
... presentOrAbsent 1..1CodingWhether the object is present or absent, exists or does not exist.
Binding: SW PresentAbsentVS ValueSet (required)
... subject 0..1StatementModelThe person, place, event, condition, other statement that this statement addresses or belongs to.
... objectTypeCode 0..1CodingA code representing the type of entity, person, role, condition, or phenomenon that is being asserted to exist or not exist.
Binding: SW BodyStructureVS ValueSet (preferred)
... objectIdentifier 0..1stringFor later reference, an identifier for the object implied by the assertion, which allows the object to be tracked over time. For example, a wound number is used to track a specific wound's condition over time.

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Terminology Bindings

shr-entity-BodyStructurePresentOrAbsent-model.presentOrAbsentSW PresentAbsentVS ValueSetrequiredPresentAbsentVS
shr-entity-BodyStructurePresentOrAbsent-model.objectTypeCodeSW BodyStructureVS ValueSetpreferredBodyStructureVS