MITRE's 'Mini-CIMI' FHIR Profile: Skin and Wound Assessment, Release 1 (For Comment)

Primary extensions defined as part of this Implementation Guide

Name Definition

The method used to determine the finding.


Indicates whether the finding is preliminary, amended, final, etc.


For later reference, an identifier for the object implied by the assertion, which allows the object to be tracked over time. For example, a wound number is used to track a specific wound’s condition over time.


A code representing the type of entity, person, role, condition, or phenomenon that is being asserted to exist or not exist.


Whether the object is present or absent, exists or does not exist.


A condition or circumstance associated with an observation that affects the interpretation of the result value.


The time or time period that the statement addresses.


The person, place, event, condition, other statement that this statement addresses or belongs to. For an existential finding, the Subject is the ‘owner’ of the object said to exist or not exist. For example, the subject for a condition is a patient; the subject for wound size is a wound. Subjects are themselves statements.