HL7 FHIR Profile: Skin and Wound Assessment, Release 1 (For Comment)

Primary logical models defined as part of this Implementation Guide

Name Definition

Documents the absence of a wound at a given body site. No wounds anywhere on the body can be indicated by omitting the anatomical location, or using the Snomed code #181469002 (Entire skin (body structure)) in WoundAnatomicalLocation.


Group of observations regarding the properties and severity of a wound.


The appearance of the base (bed) of the wound, together with the percentage of the bed with each type of appearance.


Color of part or all of the wound base (bed), and the percentage of the area with that color.


The state of the tissue at the edge of the wound.


Description of the fluid produced by a wound.


A determination that a wound that exists at a particular body site. The WoundIdentifier serves as a link between this assertion and assessments of the wound that might occur at later times. Multiple wound assessments can be associated with a single wound.


The estimated or measured dimensions of a wound.


A discharging blind-ended track that extends from the surface of an organ to an underlying area or abscess cavity. The track is invariably lined with granulation tissue. In chronic cases this may be augmented with epithelial tissue.


Assessment of deep tissue (subcutaneous fat and muscle) damage around the wound margin. Undermining are narrow sinus tracts away from the wound margins and go downward into the wound.